Best Tamil video songs of 1980 and earlier. This set contains 10 super hit heart touching tamil melodies.

Friday, April 10, 2009


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Kalyaana Maalai Kondadum

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Poove Sempoove
Thendral Vanthu Ennai

About Mohan:

Mohan was called in the industry as a 'silver jubilee hero' in the 1980s for almost all movies featuring the actor witnessed a fantastic run His nick name in popular circles is 'Mic' Mohan owing to the fact that he performed a stage musician and all of his movies had a scene in which he performed with a hand-held a microphone. However, Mohan virtually disappeared from the filmdom by the late 1980s following a series of flops. (courtesy:wikipedia)

Poove Poochodava - Very Rare in Tamil Cinema

About Nadhiya

Nadhiya or Nadiya Moidu is a Malayalam and Tamil film actress who made her debut in a Malayalam movie named Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu, alongside Mohanlal and Padmini. This move was re-made in Tamil as Poove Poochudava during the 1980s with Padmini and marked her debut in Tamil. She currently acts in supporting roles. She acted with most of the leading artist in Tamil and Malayalam industry. In 1980's, there was a huge audience for her costumes, hair styles and ornaments. After marriage she settled abroad with her husband and two kids, and made a comeback with blockbuster hit 'M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi' This film was acclaimed by the critics for her wonderful performance as Jeyam Ravi's mother. In 2008, she signed as the brand ambassador for Arokya Milk. She recently signed for a Tamil movie named Pattalam which released on March 27 2009.

Keladi kanmani - Mannil intha kaathal - Ilaiyaraaja

About this Film:

Keladi Kanmani (Listen to me, my dear) is a (1990) Tamil film directed by Vasanth, starring noted playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam and Radhika. It is noted for its dramatic performances and for SP Balasubrahmanyam's rendition of a famous song Mannil Indha Kaadhal: the singer/actor sang this song (over three minutes long) without pausing for breath, and was considered for the Guinness Record.

Story of this film:

The film opens with a bus carrying a group of college students for a trip. Among the students are Anu (Anju) and her girlfriends. The bus is stopped by some masked bandits. They forcibly enter the bus and demand that Anu should kiss their leader Sashi (Ramesh Arvind); otherwise, they will kill everyone on board. This is subsequently revealed to be a ruse: Sashi is in fact a fellow college student trying to win Anju's affection.

For a few days after, Sashi and Anju play various pranks on each other. Anju eventually admits her affection for Sashi and they begin a courtship. All seems to proceed well, except that Anju is strangely melancholic from time to time; she repeats to Sashi that she senses an imminent danger to their relationship, although she is unable to pinpoint what the threat or describe why it may materialize so soon.

Some things are revealed when Anju begins to get sharp headaches from time to time. Her father, A. R. Rangaraj (SP Balasubrahmanyam), a quiet widower, tries to help her, but is not able to get to the bottom of the matter. A. R. Rangaraj (known to his friends as ARR) is a gentle old man who has devoted the greater part of his life to his daughter. Things come to a head when, on her 18th birthday, Anu visits her doctor who confirms she has bilateral renal artery stenosis and is almost certain to succumb within a year. She may require an operation within that time, but the likelihood of her coming through it alive is minimal. Anu requests the doctor to keep it between them (and, in particular, not inform her father to avoid deeply saddening him). However, unbeknownst to Anu, her father discovers it by accident when the local pharmacist sends some prescription drugs through him.

When Anu discusses the matter with Sashi, he expresses his support inspite of his grave sadness (in proportion to his love for her). Anu reveals a thread from her past that may explain her melancholic mood.

The film flashes back to several years before, when ARR had a happy family. Anu, then five or six, attended school; ARR handled his job and his loving wife managed the home. Tragedy struck when they lost his wife to an illness. Anu took this particularly hard. Yet, ARR tried to help cope with it somehow and move on. Some time thereafter, ARR met Sharada (Radhika) at a wedding. Sometime thereafter, ARR sought a tutor for young Anu, and Sharada happened to take the position. The friendship evolved into a courtship, to the point where ARR was about to propose marriage. (During the courtship, ARR sang the song Mannil indha kaadhal to Sharada. He cheekily prefaced the song with the admission that while he may not be a talented singer, he can certainly hold a tune; and to verify his claim, he proposed to sing the entire song in one breath. Sharada was truly impressed.) As time went on, Sharada realized her own bindings. Both her parents were deaf-mute, and she was the only way they could communicate with the rest of the world, this left her torn between her filial duty and her personal aspirations. Things were worsened when Anu experienced feelings of motherly yearning and was simply unable to accept Sharada (or anyone else for that matter) in the role of a mother. Sharada is bewildered and ultimately frustrated by all this. And inspite of ARR's assurances that they can work it out, she refused his proposal and moved to Bangalore to take a position as a schoolteacher. Since that time, Anu has been plagued by guilt for her part in the break up.

The doctors pronounce a date and time for the unavoidable operation. Anu takes this with stoic grief, and asks Sashi for one last thing: to find Sharada and attempt to reunite her with ARR. They find an old picture of Sharada, and Sashi recognizes her as the woman he had met in Bangalore a few weeks ago. He sets off on a frantic hunt for Sharada. On the day of the operation, Sharada happens to be in Chennai en route to a training event in the USA. After a tricky set of near-misses, Sashi is able to locate her in the nick of time, and bring her to Anu and ARR moments before Anu gets anaesthetized.

The film ends with Anu going for one last ride with Sashi on his motorbike.

Mudhal mariyaathai - Poongaaththu thirumbumaa - Ilaiyaraaja

About This Film:

Muthal Mariyathai (1985) is a Tamil feature film directed by Bharathiraja. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The film was critically received upon release.

Story of this Film:

The film commences with friends and family of an ailing village head, Malaichami thevar (Sivaji Ganesan), gathered around him on his death bed. The plot then moves along in a series of flashbacks, featuring significant episodes of the dying man's life. These include the presence of a boatman's young daughter Kuyil (Radha) in his village. The protagonist is unhappily married to a shrewish wife by the name of Ponnatha (Vadivukkarasi), and seeks comfort and solace in a friendship with Kuyil. The friendship raises eyebrows, and is socially awkward and complicated for both Malaichami and Kuyil.

kathalin deepam rajini 's super hit melody song

About This Film:

Thambikku Entha Ooru is a 1984 Indian Tamil language film starring Rajinikanth, Madhavi, Sulakshana, Sathyaraj and Senthamarai.[1] This is Super Star's 89th Film.

Story of this Film:

The film begins by showing Rajni as a lavish spendthrift, with a cavalier attitude towards life. He is born to a very rich father. His father worried about Rajni's behaviour decides to send him to his friend's [Sendhamarai] village to work for him.

Engeyum Eppodhum

About this Film: Ninaithale Inikkum is a 1979 Indian Tamil language Drama film directed by K. Balachander starring Kamal Hassan, Jaya Pradha, Rajnikanth, Geetha and Nakul. The film was also released in Telugu as Andamaina Anubhavam (1979). Story of this Film: Taking a step aside from the usual serious dramas that Balachander is known to direct, this film was an attempt at a light comedy with its music serving as the main attraction. The film follows lead actor Kamal Hassan who plays a singer and his band on a tour to Singapore. Over there Kamal meets his love interest (played by Jaya Pradha), only to find that she is terminally ill. The film ends on a tragic note with the lady's demise. (courtesy:wikipedia)
Germaniyin Senthen Malare
Deiveegaragam - Ullasa Paravaigal
Namma ooru singari - Ninaithaley inikum
Heart touching tamil melodies. Enjoy
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